What does an orange taste like?

Test your copywriting skills

If you google this question there are more than 19 million pages with answers. It is an extremely simple question so why is it so difficult to answer it? The immediate response is that it tastes like an orange. Pretty much everyone has tried an orange before so it has never needed to be described. 

Most common responses will include a citrusy tangy taste, while some will describe a tropical favor or sometimes even a tart sense of taste.  You can also describe the texture and how it affects the taste. 

Why did we ask this question? What could be the main purpose of such description? Just knowing the why can alter and focus the response. Are we introducing a friend to a new orange drink or is it for a recipe to tune the flavor?

“Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing” - FANTA

engaging new customers

"Flying is now for everyone"

SAFE Plus Technology

Our company develops many innovative technologies. The difficulty comes from breaking it down and explaining how these innovations would benefit the life of our customers without getting too technical. The tagline needs to engage and encourage people who wanted to become RC pilots while communicating that it is only possible because we added our special technology.

FPV upgrade

"Experience FPV in stunning clarity"

First Person View

FPV (First Person View) drone racing is more popular than ever. Pilots are racing custom built electric drones throughout a course of gates and flags. They view the race course through an analog camera transmission. Transmission speed and video image quality are never good enough. Pilots are always looking for the new best thing.

New generation

"Make it Your Own"

RC Kit

RC cars and trucks used to be sold as kits. They were assembled piece by piece then painted. As customer need and technology changed kits became a thing of past or delicacy of the pro hobbyist. This kit is different, bringing back that feel of accomplishment to the new generation.