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I’m passionate about everything creative – especially good typography, user experience and branding.  I work as a Creative Brand Lead at one of the nation’s top subrogation agencies, Wilber, and I have been fortunate enough to work as lead designer for multi-billion and multi-million dollar global industry leaders like Electrolux and Horizon Hobby, evolving over 20 brands under their belts.

Throughout my career, I have been devoted to fostering a design-centric corporate culture that values collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence. As a leader, I believe in empowering the new generation of designers by sharing my expertise in a wide array of disciplines, including user experience, video, print, web, social media, and CGI.
By nurturing a supportive environment that encourages continuous learning and growth, I aim to inspire my team to embrace their unique talents and push the boundaries of innovation.

My approach to leadership is grounded in the belief that the key to evolving brands lies in understanding the intricate balance between artistry and strategy. By mentoring the next generation of designers and cultivating a culture that emphasizes the importance of visual communication, I strive to create an indelible impact on the world of design. Through my dedication to artistic growth and my passion for shaping the future of branding, I look forward to making a lasting contribution to the evolution of our industry.

Gergely B.


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